I never really fully understood the intricacies and detail it takes to create a blog until today. I am only day two on creating this idea in my mind, and left and right there are roadblocks. But with each roadblock, I grow.

Growing up with the age of the rise of technology, I’m shocked at how much I do NOT know. How many of you remember MySpace? That used to be the ish! I used to GET that site. I used to actually know some “minor coding”, the CSS aspect of it. The basic understanding for me is still there, but there is much to learn, and I plan on doing so! I even brought up to my fiance the other day how I would love to learn more coding and wonder if people actually offer free classes or classes in my area. Of course that just involves me looking it up, which I promise I will do. This is something I will add to my bucket list for 2018 goals, to learn how to use CSS with ease and more comfortably than the normal editor.

Have any of you used the CSS easily? How long did it take you to learn it? Any advice?


Author: Alexa

Hey everyone! Welcome to my site! I'm a Navy vet of seven years living in Colorado. Since I closed the chapter on that area of my life, I have begun a new one with my fiance and Bassethound named Dwight. Thanks for stopping by and leave some love while you visit!

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