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I apologize for being quiet for the past week and a half. I traveled for the holidays and it seems once I returned back home and settled in, my immune system decided to settle as well. I got sick and then after that I got conjunctivitis (pink eye). I just couldn’t win. Thank God my sister is a PA so she knew some stuff to help me heal up right away. So while recovering from that, my days have been filled with football playoffs and curling up on the couch, waiting for my school semester to start. After this Monday, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, my classes will be starting and I am so excited for that! It is a little interesting being on the older side of the average student, but I still enjoy learning and I don’t pay too much mind to it. I thouroughly enjoy school, I believe it is something not be taken for granted. Education, and having it quite readily available, is a blessing.

So I wanted to share a few of my favorite pieces of makeup in my makeup bag since I’m going to be going back to school! (Cue all my upcoming photos and blogs to be about it)


PEEP that GLOWWWWW. I LOVE this highlighter. Before I got it, I was completely ignorant on what to use, or even how to use it. But we all need to start somewhere, right? It makes you thankful that it’s as easy as going on Youtube and finding many different types of women doing their makeup and showing you HOW to apply it. FOR FREE! Think about how it used to be before the internet….a longer learning process I’d say!

If you notice I use an e.l.f Poreless Face Primer I put this on before my tinted moisturizer. It does exactly what it’s name claims, it fills pores and gives a smooth look. I use this mostly on my nose, I don’t have too big of pores but my T-Zone there is oily.

I am not a fan of foundation, for me it’s just too heavy and I don’t have a need for thick full coverage. So a tinted moisturizer with some SPF is important!! This Maybelline Dream Fresh BB tinted moisturizer does just that! I love the light coverage so my skin feels like it can still breath but at the same time gives me an all over coverage (again, with my sister being a Physicians Assistant, she worked in a Dermatologist Office and has seen it ALL!).

I normally don’t have dark circles under my eyes, my sister did because she had more olive undertones in her skin so they showed more. But I still like a lighter coverage under my eyes to assist with the contour. This product is great, it’s really good for those trying to hide their dark circles! Maybelline Instant Age Rewind. It’s a concentrated formula for instant coverage. I’m almost out in this picture but I plan on getting more!

I will forever use this product for my eyebrows if my bank account can handle it, lol. Anastasia Brow Wiz pencil is my ish. I also have the Brow Dip and brush to go with it. Which ever style you prefer, pencil or dip, I highly recommend Anastasia products.

This mascara my friends, is the best in my book. I have used Maybelline Voluminous Original since high school and I’ve never looked back. I’ve tried a few more expensive brands but this brand and kind never fails. Plus it’s cheap so that makes everyone happy!

I’ve also used this bronzer since high school, only because I would steal and use my sisters makeup all the time. She would used this and it has great reviews, Benefit Hoola Bronzer.

I added most of my staple items in the photo, but I didn’t include my eyeshadow pallettes. I have multiple ones that I swap out daily. It all depeneds on my outfit really. What are some of your favorites? Or what are some dupes you all know? I love when you like a color for a MAC lipstick but you can find something similar for a lot cheaper! Any rituals you do while doing your makeup? I want to hear all about them!

Oh yeah, and if I had to choose who to root for during these playoffs, only because they are in my conference, I’m going to have to say the Vikings! I just don’t know if any of these teams going on to the next round are a worthy component against the Patriots.

Hope you all have a great long holiday weekend!



Author: Alexa

Hey everyone! Welcome to my site! I'm a Navy vet of seven years living in Colorado. Since I closed the chapter on that area of my life, I have begun a new one with my fiance and Bassethound named Dwight. Thanks for stopping by and leave some love while you visit!

2 thoughts on “Stay glowing Ponyboy”

  1. ColorPop has great dupes for lippies ever! And it’s also this page in IG called dupe that that spills all the tea about GOOD DUPES!!!!


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