Olympic City

Happy Sunday everyone! I haven’t posted in a while. I’m trying to get into the swing of my new schedule with school.

With football being over, my current weekends are filled with the Olympics. So I’m not quite sure what will happen after they’re over. I’m sure Basketball will be on along with creating brackets for March Madness. With all the politics and drama surrounding the Olympics lately, I wonder how many people are actually watching them. One of the many awesome reasons Colorado Springs is a nice place to live is that the Olympic Training Center is here! With the high elevation and access to a good section of the Rocky Mountains it only seems fitting that many sports have access to their athletic needs. This past weekend downtown Colorado Springs had an Olympic Downtown Celebration. It just so happened it was one of the coldest nights in the Springs in a while. There was a live broadcast of the opening ceremony, multiple stands set up with activities for kids, Olympic trivia, a beer garden and an ice sculpture from the Ice Festival in Cripple Creek.


[Me at the Beer Garden. The foam of my beer was turning into ice, it was that cold!]

Those are just to name a few of the activities available. Craig happened to win one of the Olympic trivia stations and could have either won a key chain or a sticker and he choose the sticker, clearly. One of the questions was which country doesn’t have an Olympic team, Aruba, Jamaica, or Bermuda? [drum roll]


So last night USA received the first gold medal, by a 17 year old snowboarder from Colorado! How amazing is that? Not just because of his age but of course winning gold for the USA is legit, and being the first one is something to be proud of.

Craig and I had a few friends over last night to watch the Olympics and we all were asking what event would you do if you could? Then we talked about how we would pay money to watch normal people trying to do these events rather than the athletes who train for it their whole lives. I would pay good money to watch that. But if I had to choose, I would participate in the Bobsleigh. How fun would that be??

I hope everyone gets the chance to watch the games at some point and hopefully we win a few more medals!



Author: Alexa

Hey everyone! Welcome to my site! I'm a Navy vet of seven years living in Colorado. Since I closed the chapter on that area of my life, I have begun a new one with my fiance and Bassethound named Dwight. Thanks for stopping by and leave some love while you visit!

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