Spring Revitalization



It’s already March?!

It’s getting warmer here in Colorado and for me, that means bust out the spring/summer clothes and slowly start swapping them out in my closet. It hasn’t been a rough winter here at all,  not like how it has been back in the State where I was born, Michigan. Even with the lack of cold weather and snow, I’m still counting down the days until Spring arrives.

To me, Spring brings a rebirth of many sorts. Not only does nature arrive on cue (sometimes……, it snowed in Denver at the end of May last year! lol), but also something deep inside us awakens. Winter brings a time of hibernation of not just our energy levels but also our mind. So I look to Spring with open arms and shorter hems on my clothes :), because it makes me happy.

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With the new season quickly approaching, who feels they need to do a little Spring cleaning in their closet? I admit, there are sometimes I may have some articles of clothing I have kept for a lonnnnggggg time that could be donated to make some space and clear unnecessary room being taken up with clothes I haven’t worn in the past year! That’s where I have to step back and realize I’m hoarding, and others could use what I am not.

So it’s time to dust the cobwebs off in your ol’ noggin (and your maybe in your home, lol!) and take a deep breath of fresh air and revitalize yourself!

This will be my first spring, and summer, in Colorado, and I am looking forward to it! With all the outdoor activities available just outside my door, and the lack of humidity (thank God), nothing stands a chance against me and my curly hair!

I cannot WAIT for these upcoming months. I have a few things in the mix and on the calendar. There will be places I’ll be traveling, events happening, and new experiences to be had! I look forward to writing about them, and sharing it with all of you!

So raise a glass to things that continue to make us grow for the better. It’s a process that lasts our whole life.

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Curling & Commentators

Recently, I decided to surprise my fiance with taking him Curling. He has mentioned many times how he would love to try it, and thankfully living in Olympic city, it’s pretty obtainable. I just searched it because I heard they have classes available to the public. Low and behold I found it, and we signed up. His birthday is coming up so I thought it would be perfect. I decided to go earlier than his b-day, and I couldn’t hold the surprise in too long….so I told him. Let me just say his smile that came on his face after, was contagious. It was stretching ear to ear.



I learned so much! The history behind it, their terminology. I NEVER realized the rocks weigh 42 pounds! I was shocked. It makes sense but I didn’t realize it would weigh that much. Once you’re on the ice and actually curl, it isn’t as heavy as 42 pounds may seem to sound.

IMG_6352 (1)

He was so pumped! I was excited to try something new too. That’s always the best, trying something new with your significant other. You learn more about one another and grow together. Plus, you figure out things about yourself!


I was ready for the runway wasn’t I?? haha. Well, it’s cold in the arena and they tell you to wear loose clothing that you can move easily in. If anyone has been watching the Olympics you see how low and stretched out they are when they’re curling, so this outfit was comfy and perfect 🙂

We only got to play two games, curling only one rock each due to the amount of people at the class, but it was worth it! Our instructor mentioned they were thinking of creating an actual arena JUST for curling, since the Olympic Training Site that you see in the top photo, they share the ice with MANY different groups of people/sports. So getting that ice time is difficult. I hope they do! You may see me in the 2022 Winter Olympics (sike!).


ONE THING I want to touch on, if anyone has been following curling in the 2018 Olympics, you may know the few teams, mixed doubles, that were in the running for gold. Well, it was confirmed Canada won gold, which wasn’t a shock to me! They spoke on how well Canada is at our class. Our instructor was from Canada and said in their P.E. classes throughout school they would curl! That was apart of their gym class. So it only makes sense.

BUT, what I wanted to touch on (finally), was how I get so irritated when commentators and reporters can sometimes seem to only notice a female athlete’s attractiveness. If no one is watching the Olympics or knows what I’m talking about, the OAR, Olympic Athletes from Russia, there is a married couple for their mixed doubles. The woman, just so happened to be brought up in a conversation on how she either looked like Megan Fox or Angelina Jolie. Not that she is a great athlete, that her and her husband are doing well, her back ground on how she started curling, her stats, etc. Just her looks. It’s not the first time I noticed it, that is why it irritates me anytime I hear it. Very rare if at all when they comment on a man’s looks, especially if he is an athlete. They just touch on his skill. But not for this woman athlete curler.

JUST APPRECIATE A WOMAN AS AN ATHLETE. Appreciate her talent. Show off her skill. I’m just tired of women athletes being deduced to their physical appearance. #Seeher (hashtag commemorating how we should see these young women and women athletes).

Alright, I’m done.

I hope everyone has a GREAT Valentines Day tomorrow! Let your significant other know how much you appreciate them for who they are or let anyone you love know, today and every day.


He’s a good boy.

Happy Football weekend everyone! During the half time of the first game, my pup and I decided to go for a walk. For anyone who wants to know he is a Basset Hound and his name is Dwight. 🙂

Who else has been filling their Sunday with Wild Card Weekend, and all the amazing junk food that goes along with it? My favorite is Buffalo Chicken Dip. I use Frank Red Hot’s recipe, I ALWAYS get compliments. (Link below!)(I use the crock pot to make it)

Franks Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe

So along with this football weekend, I came down with the sickness! I’ve had a cold all weekend and it’s inhibited me on a few outdoor plans that friends tried to make. But it’s always best when your body tells you to relax and calm down that you listen to it. I hope anyone reading this is feeling well.

I come to understand there has been a bomb cyclogenesis that plagued the east side of the country. Of course I had NO idea what that word meant, I just saw the name and honestly laughed out loud. I thought some crazy stuff was about to happen. The main thing that confused me was how I got back over to Colorado before NYE and that’s when this weather bomb swept through and there is NO snow where I am at. There is a peak here that is over 14k ft and it had no snow on the peak! But the east coast saw some scary stuff, and they’re still seeing it!

Have you ever seen those meme’s of Michael Scott from the Office where he says “sometimes I have no idea where my sentences are going”….that’s how I feel this post is! haha!

The main point I wanted to get at is how cute my pullover fleece jacket is! My friend found it for me and it’s a perfect dupe for those Patagonia sweaters. It’s JUST as soft, and it was $12 (she did find it at Plato’s Closet), but it is a Free Country Fleece, and I just went on their website and they’re 50% off!

IMG_5558 (1)

Free Country Fleeces

Like I mentioned above, it’s super soft, comfy, warm, and cute. Is it just me or does anyone else find more clothing options during the fall/winter? I love layering and anything soft this time of year.

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Hopefully you grew in someway, bettered yourself or caught some R&R (me, watching Workaholics cuddled up in a blanket and Kleenex)! Especially since tomorrow night is the College National Championships, and everyone may think Alabama will win. Which they very well may, but I’m going to go for the “underdog”. Let’s go Georgia Bulldogs!