Self Love

Self appreciation, body positivity, and self admiration.

Just think, what if we spent our attention on the things we love most about ourselves, and passed the good vibes around! I attended a Barbells & Brunch ladies day. Women were invited to attend a two hour session of weightlifting education, in a circuit style training. Then once the 5 circuit was complete, there would be brunch for all the ladies to attend with the dietitians, trainers, and graduate students ranging in Masters in exercise science and Dietetics.


This event was held to assist women with their time in a place that can, for some, seem very overwhelming. Sometimes women believe cardio is the bees knees and that’s what they do every time. I am not saying cardio isย  bad by any means, but there is a whole other world in the gym that the amount of women can sometimes fall short on. This world is weightlifting. I absolutely love it. So this type of teaching wasn’t out of my realm, but there are women that either are self-conscious, ignorant of the equipment/moves, or believe that they will get bulky. That is far from the case! There are vast physical, and health, benefits from lifting, and YES, you CAN lift heavy! That’s when you start seeing growth in all the right places ๐Ÿ˜‰ Your body is strong and beautiful! It will be able to do things you didn’t think possible, a lot of the negative thoughts of “I can’ts” are in your mind.

Working out should be a celebration of what your body can DO! Not punishment for what you ate.ย 


These were the weight decorations on every table, I love it!


What I loved about this event was that is was a simple two hour session, hosted by ALL women, for women. The gym was shut down so there was access to all the different types of functional fitness machines/equipment. We had 20 minutes at each station, and I made sure to get my workout in! The stations included bench-press, squats (back and front), deadlifts, shoulder-press (seated and standing), triceps/biceps (rope). We touched on the basic functional moves that you do everyday (that you may not even realize), that are moves you can focus on in the gym and build that muscle! Since you do these movements anyway, it’s that much more important to make your body strong to keep up with those movements and build your bone density!


the shoulder boulder station

At the end of our workout we all met up to eat nourishing post workout food. The fascinating thing about food and your body is that you can get all the nutrients you need, for growth, and energy, simply by eating. The Dietitians made a Caprese Egg Muffin. These were delicious and honestly, you can throw whatever you want in them and whatever is in your fridge! The best thing about these is that you freeze them too! Make them for a quick breakfast through the week when you need something fast or you hit the snooze too many times ๐Ÿ˜‰ we’ve ALL been there.



Other than the egg muffin, we got very soft bread with avocado to spread on it. You may say this is basic, because it almost has a cult hipster following, but this two ingredient meal is very good for you! The carbs for your body to create energy, and all the good fats in avocados, among all the other things! Then we sipped down an immune boosting smoothie (my second smoothie of the day at this point, haha!). I don’t know about you all, but I LOVE smoothies.

All in all, it was a fantastic day and I appreciated all those women taking time out of their weekend to look out for other women who need a little push into something they aren’t sure of. We all need encouragement sometimes, and this was just that. It was awesome seeing all the different types of women who were there and willing to be vulnerable and show up by themselves (me included!) to learn some new things. That is what it’s all about, learning. I will never turn down an opportunity to learn something new and gain new insight into things.

I believe I mentioned before but I’m taking a Nutrition class, if anyone is interested in hearing about what I am learning, I would love to blog about it. Let me know! Hope you all have a fantastic week coming up! Feed your mind, body and soul.