Spring Revitalization



It’s already March?!

It’s getting warmer here in Colorado and for me, that means bust out the spring/summer clothes and slowly start swapping them out in my closet. It hasn’t been a rough winter here at all,  not like how it has been back in the State where I was born, Michigan. Even with the lack of cold weather and snow, I’m still counting down the days until Spring arrives.

To me, Spring brings a rebirth of many sorts. Not only does nature arrive on cue (sometimes……, it snowed in Denver at the end of May last year! lol), but also something deep inside us awakens. Winter brings a time of hibernation of not just our energy levels but also our mind. So I look to Spring with open arms and shorter hems on my clothes :), because it makes me happy.

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With the new season quickly approaching, who feels they need to do a little Spring cleaning in their closet? I admit, there are sometimes I may have some articles of clothing I have kept for a lonnnnggggg time that could be donated to make some space and clear unnecessary room being taken up with clothes I haven’t worn in the past year! That’s where I have to step back and realize I’m hoarding, and others could use what I am not.

So it’s time to dust the cobwebs off in your ol’ noggin (and your maybe in your home, lol!) and take a deep breath of fresh air and revitalize yourself!

This will be my first spring, and summer, in Colorado, and I am looking forward to it! With all the outdoor activities available just outside my door, and the lack of humidity (thank God), nothing stands a chance against me and my curly hair!

I cannot WAIT for these upcoming months. I have a few things in the mix and on the calendar. There will be places I’ll be traveling, events happening, and new experiences to be had! I look forward to writing about them, and sharing it with all of you!

So raise a glass to things that continue to make us grow for the better. It’s a process that lasts our whole life.

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