Real Talk

I burdens me, yet makes me thankful, to say this post was inspired by someone’s death, because that’s exactly what happened. I was scrolling through Facebook during the National College Championship and came across a post from a 27 year young woman from Australia who passed away recently due to a rare bone cancer. She happened to write a farewell letter, not because she was making her peace with death, but because she wanted to get her voice out to the world even if it meant her time was coming for the final goodbye. Her message was simple, yet spoke to me in a time in my life where my reality was setting in. This is where the title of this blog post comes into play.

I had this vision of starting this and possibly having some kind of reflection of other women I see that fill my feed on Instagram, but if I followed suit I would be living a lie. Yes, these posts are nice and a lot of them involve some kind of new clothes, style, or brand. These things do make many happy and it’s what people strive for. These things also pay the bills for people and are a life source. I understand these things fully. If that is what you seek here, I apologize but that is something I cannot give. I do not see that as an important factor in my life. I do enjoy the clothes I have, do not get me wrong. I’m very thankful to have things to clothe my back, which is more than some have. I am not the person who goes shopping consistently or every weekend. I could tell you right now I had Plato’s Closet deny my clothes because the label showed they were an older “series” of clothes. That’s because when I get clothes, I keep them for a long time, cycling the seasons. Then I donate whatever I realize I don’t wear.

Please don’t think I’m going to be judgey (not a word, but y’all understand)! I love how we can all be different and we’re all on our own journeys of life. Don’t get me wrong, I like looking at new outfits or different people’s style. I enjoy seeing it as much as anyone else sometimes, but I am explaining how DOING that is not me. I must be true to myself. I must be “ruthless for my own well being” which is what that woman wrote in her letter, and resonated with me.

So knowing that and if you continue reading, thank you :).


Today was a beautiful day in Colorado. Where I live, it was almost 70 degrees. With the amazing weather, for it being a week into January, the only thing I wanted to do was get outside. So I worked out (did shoulders), went hiking with my pup, played some baseball, then hit the tennis ball around for a little bit. Of course I finished that off by having a beer at a brewery. All in all, today was amazing. I enjoyed the moments as they came. My fiance was kind enough to catch some photos, but in all, I relished in the present, and I was thankful. It doesn’t need to be Thanksgiving for any self-reflection of what you see as important to you.

Much love everyone.