He’s a good boy.

Happy Football weekend everyone! During the half time of the first game, my pup and I decided to go for a walk. For anyone who wants to know he is a Basset Hound and his name is Dwight. 🙂

Who else has been filling their Sunday with Wild Card Weekend, and all the amazing junk food that goes along with it? My favorite is Buffalo Chicken Dip. I use Frank Red Hot’s recipe, I ALWAYS get compliments. (Link below!)(I use the crock pot to make it)

Franks Buffalo Chicken Dip Recipe

So along with this football weekend, I came down with the sickness! I’ve had a cold all weekend and it’s inhibited me on a few outdoor plans that friends tried to make. But it’s always best when your body tells you to relax and calm down that you listen to it. I hope anyone reading this is feeling well.

I come to understand there has been a bomb cyclogenesis that plagued the east side of the country. Of course I had NO idea what that word meant, I just saw the name and honestly laughed out loud. I thought some crazy stuff was about to happen. The main thing that confused me was how I got back over to Colorado before NYE and that’s when this weather bomb swept through and there is NO snow where I am at. There is a peak here that is over 14k ft and it had no snow on the peak! But the east coast saw some scary stuff, and they’re still seeing it!

Have you ever seen those meme’s of Michael Scott from the Office where he says “sometimes I have no idea where my sentences are going”….that’s how I feel this post is! haha!

The main point I wanted to get at is how cute my pullover fleece jacket is! My friend found it for me and it’s a perfect dupe for those Patagonia sweaters. It’s JUST as soft, and it was $12 (she did find it at Plato’s Closet), but it is a Free Country Fleece, and I just went on their website and they’re 50% off!

IMG_5558 (1)

Free Country Fleeces

Like I mentioned above, it’s super soft, comfy, warm, and cute. Is it just me or does anyone else find more clothing options during the fall/winter? I love layering and anything soft this time of year.

I hope everyone had a great weekend! Hopefully you grew in someway, bettered yourself or caught some R&R (me, watching Workaholics cuddled up in a blanket and Kleenex)! Especially since tomorrow night is the College National Championships, and everyone may think Alabama will win. Which they very well may, but I’m going to go for the “underdog”. Let’s go Georgia Bulldogs!