Treat yo’ self

How many of my ladies (and guys) have a skin care regiment that they either learned from someone they admire, learned on their own, or swear by? Or even hair products they constantly use because it’s God’s gift to earths? For myself, it’s been a never ending cycle of trying new products. Pictured above are some of the main products I’m using currently. I am in the market for some new products too! So if you got any ideas, I’m all ears!

The makeup remover shown is legit! Warning, it’s on the expensive side, my fiance’s mom got it for me. Before I got the Lancome makeup remover I used the Neutrogena makeup remover, worked just as good for less than third of the cost. I’ve never had any complaints from either, only the Lancome is just more pricey. You can find both here :

Lancome Makeup Remover

Neutrogena Makeup Remover

So for myself, my skin is both oily & dry. I have to use a clear base cleanser but always put on a moisturizer afterward. Anyone else’s skin like this? For my facial cleanser, I found mind at CVS but I just found out that Ulta sells it! It lasts a long time and SO worth the price, $12! Which I love. A little bit goes a long way 🙂


Clearly you can see I’m almost out (haha!), I definitely plan on going back and buying this again!

Soap & Glory

Now on to hair! Ladies, and gents, though I’m sure any guys have left this post a while ago, I MISS MY LONG HAIR! This is how long my hair is now. 😦



I got it cut two months ago. Don’t get me wrong though, it was severely needed. My ends were split and dead. The products shown are the main two I currently use. I have a different product for summer that involves some UVA/UVB protection. NORMALLY I like to use an oil, argan oil, for a consistent use, coconut oil and olive oil for hair masks. Just writing this post makes me realize the products that I’m lacking in.

Renpure Coconut Hair Mist

No matter your skin type, or your hair type, we’re all dealing with our own specific journey so all we should do is spread the knowledge and love of our skin & hair habits. Who knows, you may find something that can change the game!